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KhmerCorp has strangle its start-up since 1992 to 2010 and re-started again from 2012 till now due to suffering of free economic with poor quality products from neighboring country. we used to be very successful from 1999-2003 as we had shared our products to some provinces around Cambodia.

we have started again by focusing on mainly on quality product and strengthen our supported services while the demand of market is still not supplied.

2020 is the year of tragedy for every business especially with tourism and fashion industry.

we all are suffered with Covid-19 that cause all people, nations all around the world to lockdown, restricted travel, stayhome orders to avoid the spread of virus from human to family and to community.

KhmerCorp is same as others, we suffered of fail orders to 70-90% since 2020. In order to survive, we need to change our core product of shoes making to other category of bags, food and so on.

Let’s stay focus and calm, change will come soon.

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Phum Prek KrakBoav3, Khum Prek AmPhil, Srok Schach Kandal , Kandal 08218, Cambodia
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