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La Plantation

La Plantation – Fair Spices Producer, is a sustainable agro tourism project. Spices available in shops and restaurants around the world! The Plantation is an organic certified Kampot Pepper farm.

Created in 2013, La Plantation, a family-owned project, is committed to grow and deliver the best sustainable spices.

In our flagship farm in the Kampot area in southern Cambodia, we follow century-old traditions to preserve the original taste of each spice. We create new blends and recipes every year, bringing the unique Kampot terroir to tables around the world.

Our production model respects fair trade principles. As soon as harvested, the peppercorns, spices, roots, leaves and fruits are processed immediately in our on-site processing facilities. This freshness preserves the quality and the aromas of our products.

From farm to table, we build a short supply chain with trusted partners to guarantee the freshest spices.

Our head farmer, 5th generation of pepper growers, respects centuries-old traditions to preserve the taste of the finest pepper in the world, Kampot Pepper.

Khmers, who still heal themselves with traditional and natural remedies, have an extensive knowledge of local plants and their benefits.

In 2020, we went on a hunt to discover new spices across different provinces of Cambodia, and select with them rare and endemic spices.

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