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SELA Pepper Co., Ltd

Sela Pepper is a pepper production company located in Cambodia. Our activities involve farming, harvesting, drying, cleaning, packaging and distribution. We would like to introduce an excellent Cambodian black pepper to the world market. 

Sela Pepper is the first company in Cambodia to construct production premises with integrated cleaning facilities, steam sterilization with an in-house laboratory. 

Constantly updating facilities to meet international food standards secure our pepper for quality and food safety. 

Our factory is located in Memot; this region is considered the heart of pepper farming providing almost 80% of Cambodia’s black pepper every year. Memot is the main pepper farming area in Cambodia but it is not just about quantities. Combining perfect geographical, climate and geological conditions Memot pepper is acknowledged to be a high quality unique product.

We are in the epicenter of pepper farms with direct access to more than 600 farmers in a very small radius. 

Premises are constantly upgraded to meet international food standards and secure safety, hygiene and high quality.

Aiming to become Cambodia’s pepper ambassador to the world is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. 

Sela Pepper provides secured steam sterilized products. Our in-house laboratory is capable of running microbiological tests.

Our team of professionals works close with local farmers through all stages of cultivation to secure both high quality standards and successful yields. 

Traceability system can trace any product back to the specific farm.

The local farmers are not just suppliers to us. They are our most important partners in the common effort to make Cambodian pepper known globally.

Sela Pepper assists in farmer’s development by sharing experience and know-how. We have also established the local farmer’s association securing fair trades and access to information for them. Their development is our development and vice versa. 

We take pride in our pepper and seeing recognition from international institutions fuels our tanks and motivates us to intensify our efforts to bring Cambodian Black Pepper to every table in the world!

Keeping black pepper as the core of our production line we have developed several packages and products to cover most of consumer’s needs. 

We provide black whole pepper in grinders and refill packs, grounded pepper, sauces and mayonnaise (egg free) based on black pepper.

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No. 23, Corner st.55 & st. 254, Sangkat Chaktumok, Kahn Doun Penh , Phnom Penh 01200, Cambodia
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