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Long Grain Cambodia Rice Co. Ltd


Modernising and expanding Cambodia’s indigenous rice growing industry to process the country’s highest quality rice is at the core of our operation.

Our state-of-the-art mill is situated in the heartland of Cambodian rice fields renowned for its ideal conditions to cultivate rice. We work in partnership with the local farming community to responsibly source the best rice paddy, fresh every season, and process the rice crop using the very latest technologies. We inject world‐class innovation to every step of our production line meaning our premium quality products are available for both local and international customers to enjoy.

But we’re not just about producing and selling rice. We’re about building a better future for our farming family. We’re about transparency, sustainability, ethical working practices and empowering our community to make positive changes for the generations to come.

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NR 51, Trapang Krasang Village, Khsem Khsan Commune, Oudong District , Kampong Speu 05305, Cambodia
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