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China International Import Expo, Shanghai

The CIIE is a forum for international cooperation organized by the Chinese government for participating countries all over the world to display their achievement and implement international trade practice as well as to introduce Chinese goods and services to the world.

The CIIE also provided an opportunity to all participating countries to discuss major issues concerning international trade and world economy and find ways to improve global economic governance.

It is rarely the case in the world that a developing country like China chose to hold an import-theme expo. The expo will not only provide new opportunities for countries around the world to expand export to China, but also create a platform for countries to engage in international trade and share business opportunities with each other. Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce has participated in this mega-event 3 times led by H.E. PAN Sorasak, Minister of Commerce.

The first CIIE held in 2018, the second CIIE held in 2019 and the third CIIE expo held in 2020. The Ministry of Commerce has invited potential business companies involved with key sectors such as rice, construction, real estate, investment project and foods and beverages to attend the Expo and business meeting. In 2020 because of the widespread use of Covid-19 the grand opening ceremony of the third CIIE was done online. The Ministry of Commerce has appointed His Excellency Chhuon Dara, Secretary of State representing H.E. PAN Sorasak, Minister of Commerce lead Cambodian delegation attend an opening ceremony from Phnom Penh.