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World Expo Dubai 2020

The World Expo Dubai 2020 will be held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, it is the first tremendous event in the world done in the Middle East region. According to the original schedule the EXPO will be held from 22 October 2020 to 10 April 2021. However, due to Covid-19 widespread worldwide, the Expo’s organizing committee decided to delay one year ahead, a new schedule starting from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. The six-months World Expo there are about 200 participating countries and International NGOs with the estimation of 25 million visitors will visit the Expo, about 70% come from oversea.

Kingdom of Cambodia has confirmed their participation with Dubai EXPO 2020 since 20 June 2016, then the Inter-ministerial committee led by H.E. PAN Sorasak, Minister of Commerce and General Directorate of Trade Promotion as a Secretariat has done their homework step-by-step. So far, Cambodia has confirmed her readiness to participate in the world Expo Dubai 2020.

The theme of World Expo Dubai 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating Future ” which have three sub themes “Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability”. The Kingdom of Cambodia chose “Sustainability” as a sub-theme for their participation. The Inter-ministerial Committee for participation with the world expo and international exposition planned to build Cambodian national pavilion on the sustainable district with the total area of 385 sqm, consisting of ground floor and the 1st floor.

According to the EXPO theme and sub themes, the preparatory work of Cambodian pavilion will Create a Perfect Combination of Renowned Ancient Culture & Sustainable Development Presentation. We intend to introduce our country to the world, attracting international tourists to visit the Kingdom, to showcase key potential products as a main actor for sustainable economic development. Cambodia has distinctive historical periods, the national pavilion will be combined with four majors periods, Pre-Angkor period, Angkor period, Longvek or Udong period and Chaktomuk or Phnom Penh period. To explain the visitors, we have divide a whole floor plan into 3 sections:

Section I: Ancient Culture (The Greatest Angkor period)

This section is designed to exhibit what is related to Cambodian culture, civilization and lifestyle. Besides imaging and replica displays of the Ancient and Culture aspects of Cambodia histories, a daily activity of professional Cambodian painting, sculptors will be deployed to present our beautiful homeland scenery.

Section II: Natural Ecosystem and Agriculture.

We will display Cambodia’s natural Ecosystem and Agricultural history of sustainability along with imaging and replica displays…etc.

Section III: Modern Culture & Economic (Harmonized & Sustainable Development)

This section will showcase Cambodia’s culture, civilization and lifestyle of the present-days of Cambodian people, modern culture and economic development…etc.

The combination of all 3 sections will make Cambodian pavilion more attractive so that the visitors could learn the experiences and get to know the background of the Kingdom. Please visit our Pavilion during the Expo Dubai 2020 so that you will be our VIP guest.