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Malis Organic Investment Co., Ltd

Malis Organic Investment Co., Ltd. is a local company located about 36km at the northwest of Phnom Penh via national road no.5. The company has been established since 2017. The main five staffs are working for the company. The company products are mainly cosmetics but relatively we produce tea for beauty and health which is currently popular among local people. Raw materials of the product are from local natural plants, bee larva, and honey bee etc.

The Company aims to produce more natural cosmetic products for health and beauty of Cambodian people; moreover, we would like to promote Khmer products to be more popular among local people and to other countries.

Since we have tendency to promote natural cosmetic products among Cambodian people, we have actively participated in international and local fair organized by ministry of commerce of Cambodia. Ministry of Commerce invites us to show our products in national campaign fair encouraging people to buy local products in some provinces and in Phnom Penh city. Also, we were invited to show our products in Nanning Exhibition in 2019 in Hui Nan and we were excited with the great support of Chinese people for our products. From year to year, we earn successfully better credit from our local people and we gain more product dealers all over the country. Our products are sold in the USA by a Cambodian woman who has gained more customers every day.

In sum, Malis Organic Investment Co., Ltd. has been trying to promote her natural products to Cambodian people and increase her own reputation to other countries all over the world.

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Sala Kat Sak Village, Vihear Luong Commune, Ponhea Lueu District , Kandal 080811, Cambodia
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